2015 Sonata 2.4 l , No Start, No Turn Over? No codes....


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Hi, I have a 2015 Sonata 2.4 liter, auto, 4dr, 80,000 km.. It had a no Start condition in March, everything powers up, fans, radio etc. but pushing the button made nothing happen? Repeated the push start many times, 30+, still No Start. No Codes, no engine light, no lack of power. Engine not turning over. To me it was like one of the CANBUS modules wasn't talking to the ECM, and preventing the proper sequence for the car to start. MY Old School repair for possible moisture in the electrical system is to spray WD40 on anything electrical. I pulled battery neg cable, and sprayed Fuse Box under hood, pulled 2 large cables to ECM, and anything else I could under hood I could access, reconnected everything, battery cable back on, bang, started 1st try!! So now my wife is 12 hours away from home with her car and its 5 weeks later, and same No start condition? I have got her to repeat same procedure I did with WD40, but still a NO START? Any thoughts here?