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2004 hyundai Sonata 2.4l base model
Hey guys, im searching here in hopes that someone can help me.I have a 2004 sonata base model 2.4l automatic. One day it just randomly started running like crap no codes and thought it might have been something like a clogged injector. Upon doing some research ideas of cleaning out the throttle body sounded like a good fit. So i did more research on the correct way to do that step by step and fallowed through. The car ran immaculate for about 80 miles only then to die on me and throw the camshaft position sensor code. P0340 bank one blah blah blah. I order a new one and when removing the old one the wires to the connector plug from the wiring harness were so brittle they broke and i didnt know what order they were supposed to go. The replacement plug came witha red blue and white wire. I did thurogh research on the wiring diagram for that plug and came across that here. or in one of the sonata forums. Anyways. I ordered a replacement plug and when everything was installed the car wont start now. It cranks over and almost wants to start but wont. it is so irritating. any ideas will help guys im desperate